If I were to ask ten business owners to say what they use to market their business, I’m pretty sure ‘word of mouth’ will be up there multiple times. It seems that so many entrepreneurs rely so heavily on this ‘tool’ to promote their business, and why not? It costs literally $0.00 to ask someone to please tell your friend or someone you know about what I do.

Therein lays the problem.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for a referral you are literally depending on others to get the word out about your awesome work and what you do.  They may not have the passion, drive and enthusiasm to sell the product the way you will, and let’s face it, unless it is a trusted friend or someone you’ve already done a kick ass job for, persons may not necessarily take the recommendation seriously. Also bear in mind that word of mouth travels both ways. If someone was unhappy with a product or service you provided, then you could only imagine what they will be telling others.

Now do not be discouraged. Keep telling people about you and form relationships along the way, but do not rely solely on this form of advertising. It may be free but free can only get you so far. In this world we live in, people need proof! Proof of you existence, proof of your work, proof that you are capable of what you say you can do. They want to know you are real and you have exactly what they need! They can forgive one negative report, and will be willing to give you a try if they see and hear you in other ways

People need to see you as well as hear about you  many times before they make a decision to do business. You need to talk to persons on multiple platforms at multiple times and there are numerous ways to do this with little to no investment on your part

  • Social media is a great tool for persons on a budget. You challenge however is to determine which platform(s) your target is on. Once you have that figured out, really work those platforms by showing up every day, engaging in group conversations and really telling people that you are exactly what they need in their lives
  • Start a blog – kinda like what I’m doing here. Show persons who you are and let them see you are human. Show them that you are an expert at what you do and you have a lot to offer
  • Email marketing is also a great way to interact with persons and get them to know you and your business. Talk about what specials you have and how you are the missing link to happiness in their lives
  • Networking is tried and true. Its only when you meet new people, that new people know about you. Yeah its literally that simple. Put on your best outfit, get your hair and ladies get makeup done and, with call cards in hand, get out there and be social
  • Collaborating with other businesses is an awesome way to let customers feel they are getting ‘added value’ for shopping. Make sure who you are collaborating with has a similar target to you and, together, your offer totally irresistible

So there you have it, five additional things you can add to your marketing and advertising strategy that will cost you relatively nothing to implement. Use together with you asking for referrals and you will be sure to reach further in your business

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