A few years ago, I heard a comedian tell a joke about flyers.

He said: giving someone a flyer is like giving them a piece of paper to throw away for you. I admit I laughed, because, really and truly if you do not do it correctly his joke can actually be fact.

How many times have you walked through a mall or any crowded area and someone literally just hands you a flyer as you are passing by? No engagement, no conversation, barely even a pleasantry just literally hand you? You are left holding this piece of paper that may or may not appeal to you. You then either stuff it into your pocket or purse or (gasp) throw it away. It is because there was no effort made by the person who gave you the flyer to even try to get to know you.

Sadly, most of the times, the persons who are distributing do not even know what they are handing out; it’s simply a job to them. So imagine if it’s something you really want and you venture to ask a question and you are met with “I don’t know” or some other dismissive response. The client has already lost you as a customer.

Flyers, once done correctly can be immensely effective but, like anything else you need to do some ground work.

  • You absolutely need to know who your target audience is. This will help you determine the type of information you will be putting on the flyer and the overall look and feel of it. It must appeal to them. Ensure its is not too wordy but cuts straight to the heart of what your target is struggling with and has a specific call to action.
  • Where you give out these flyers is extremely important. While it will make sense to go to a high traffic area, bear in mind that most of the persons should be in your target audience. Volume of persons mean nothing if you are giving out to people who do not want or need your product or service. A simple example may be that while City Gate may have a huge volume of persons on a daily basis, your target may be up town. A simple change in location can make all the difference
  • If you need recruit persons to help you distribute, ensure that they are very knowledgeable about your business. This way they can engage persons, ask and answer questions and, offer alternative services to potential customers
  • Collect as much information as possible. This may be difficult, especially if persons may be rushing by, but ask them for a moment of their time and offer something in exchange for their name and contact information. A free eBook, a coupon off their first purchase, a sample of what you are promoting, etc. The reason for this is so they can be added to your mailing list and you can continue to sell. Remember they may not be willing to then and there but they may buy later on
  • Collaborate with complementary businesses who can distribute the flyers on your behalf. You will have a ready-made group of persons who will fall into your target. For example if you sell healthy food, you may ask a local gym to distribute as those persons will definitely be interested in your product. You can also utilize the daily newspaper and, based on your product or service, choose to distribute based on location.

Flyers tend to do much better when done with sampling and/or demonstrations as you will actually get persons to slow down and really talk to them to properly showcase your product or service. If this is not possible, ensure the contact information is clear and offer something to encourage them to sign up such as to be included on a mailing list of persons who are the first to know about sales and sale items before everyone else.

Let’s not prove that comedian right and fall into the trap of wasting money. Flyers can really help you take your business further, and once executed effectively, can truly help you gain visibility and increase your sales

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