I’ve been thinking a lot about the New Year. If you’re anything like me, you made a LOT of goals for 2021 (especially having experienced what 2020 dished out) and if you are like millions of other people, those goals aren’t quite accomplished yet. You might have even forgotten what you even wanted to do. 


I’m your friendly neighborhood marketer and it’s my goal (and my absolute pleasure) to help you focus on something that I know matters to you….building your business that gets seen and heard.  


You want everyone to know who you are and that you’re ready to serve them…without having to worry about making the mistake of doing ‘the wrong thing’. 


You want to avoid that panic of spending money on another course or program that might not work. 


I understand getting off track which is why I’d like to offer you some advice for getting on track and not letting this year  go by with those same goals you had for the new year. 


#1: Get crazy with your ideas 

I’m sure you have fabulous ideas just floating around in your head; Write them all down and get to it.


#2: Check on your people

Get your stalker game on point!  (or as we say in Trinidad: be a good ‘maco’)

Seriously, things have changed so much so take a look at where your audience is both online and offline and go there!!


#3: Mind your business 

What others are doing is none of your business. Focus on what you have to do and get to it. 


#4: Call someone (like me)

Winging it on your own is not helping (and has not helped in a while). Let someone who can truly help you take a look at what you have going on and tell you your next steps should be.



Those are 4 actions you can take RIGHT NOW to get inspired and re-inspired to start thinking and moving forward with building your business again 


What now? If you want more personalized help on your journey, I’m HERE for you. 


In honor of getting back on track, I also have a special bonus for YOU. If you sign up for the  VIP Day Strategy & Implementation, you’ll get FULL ACCESS  to my one of a kind Crushing it with Carli Masterclass Series and when you sign up this week. 


Is this a bribe? Heck yes! 

Let’s call it a little positive reinforcement. 


Consider it a JUMPSTART…..after all, it is #JumstartJune!!

Seriously…..you’re already putting in all the work and making those sacrifices, no better time to finally make all those hours pay off, right?


 So if you want one less “resolution” on your list, let’s do this.