Think traditional media is dead? 

Well I’ve got news for you…..not only is traditional media alive and thriving, it is EXACTLY what you need to stand out in business right now.


Let’s look at some stats shall we?

There’s a whopping 3.5 billion (that’s billion with a ‘B’) active social media users and that number is growing daily, thanks in part to COVID-19.


Let’s face it, since the pandemic hit, persons who have never ventured online are now all of a sudden digital experts. There are as much as 50 million small businesses on Facebook alone soooo….how are you, dear entrepreneur, going to stand out?


Publicity is the only way. Getting that third party endorsement from the media really helps you stand out because you’re not just saying you’re an expert, a reputable media house is saying it. They are shining a spotlight on you saying that you’re the real deal and that everyone should listen. 



Credibility….double check

You’re in!!


So now the big question, you’re getting featured here and there, how do you know if it’s working? We know that PR is the ‘long game’ meaning you’re building a relationship with your people so while you will get a few sales, overall sales figures might be hard to judge….but, there are a few ways to know if all those media appearances are working:




1: You can check to see if your social media engagement has increased.  Yes, I know I bashed social media before, but we know we need it as a marketing tool and, through the use of publicity we can direct people to our profiles to find out more about us. So

Did your followers increase?

Did your engagement increase? 

Were more people than usual interacting with your posts? 

This might be an indication that your PR is working. 

I should add here too that if you have directed people to an event, an opt-in or a website and you see increased traffic here as well then for sure your publicity campaign is a hit.




2: Is your brand being mentioned everywhere? News clippings or being tagged on social media? Well then, you’re being seen for sure. If you start seeing people randomly tagging you and telling you how great you are then you know that you’re making an impact, however, be very wary that the tags are positive. There may be instances where people may be tagging you for all the wrong reasons, if so be sure to address that immediately. 




3: Is your brand easily recognized, or better yet do you have a great reputation out there? If your publicity campaign was mainly for brand recognition and people are still scratching their heads at the very mention of your name then it may be time to look at getting clearer with your message. 

So do a mini survey; You can also just ask your people to find out.

Are they able to recognize your brand? Are they familiar with your products and services?

What is your brand’s reputation? How do they feel about your brand? Do they see you as trustworthy, or as a leader in the industry? How do you compare to the competition? Would they be willing to do business with you? What other factors might influence their position?


Get the answers to all these questions and you’ll know for sure if your rounds on the media circuit are working or not. 




Publicity is truly the one thing you need to strengthen your marketing and help you show up and show up more authentically to your audience. You need it, like you need air to breathe because any random bum with an internet connection and a device can say they’re an expert, buy with the media there is no fooling the masses. 


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See you soon!!