Feeling stuck hun? Constantly running around in circles?


I’m going to be honest with you here, because what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t tell you the truth? The reason you’re not making money is because., quite frankly, you’re neglecting the obvious. You are still fighting the social media fight, posting, hoping (and in many cases praying) that someone, somewhere out there will finally see you and buy from you.


Newsflash: if your audience hasn’t purchased from you chances are they are unmoved, uninspired or they just don’t have the funds to pay for what you’re offering. You are fighting a losing battle if you’re still trying to convert the unconvertible; but instead of trying to find a new audience you devalue your offering by reducing your price or offering ridiculous discounts.


There’s actually a name for that type of marketing strategy, it’s called Desperation Marketing.

You’re desperate to make a sale because, let’s face it, you have bills to pay, children to take care of and a life to live so you ‘red flag’ your way through business.



Take one step back and just think about it. How much easier would it be if you just stopped trying to make sense of the algorithms and finally just embrace another way? A free way?


There are literally four billion users on social media and between the real news, fake news, memes and all the other nonsense floating around, do you truly think that you’re standing out to your people? So many social media users are opting for a digital detox because it’s just too much…..and I KNOW you feel the same way too sometimes.


So how do you combat all of this: Publicity

Here’s what it can do for you:


– It puts you in front of a whole new audience, one that may never have heard of  you through any other means. This means no longer hoping that someone magically happens upon your page and falls in love with you, you show up, they love you then *poof* they’re ready to work with you.



– It gives your brand credibility and builds trust……and that’s the secret sauce to ensuring your customers not just buy from you, but tell others to do the same.



– It shows your existing (and potential) customers that you’re not playing…you’re the real deal. Yeah because your existing customers need a damn ‘wake up’ call. They see you posting but barely even respond, let alone like. Press makes them look at you differently, suddenly they want to know and associate with you more.



– It puts you in a totally different light than your competitors because you get the endorsement of a reputable media. This is because we are trained to respect and revere people  we see in the press or on television. Your competition will wish they were you!!



– It builds your confidence because now you realize that you’re being recognized for the good work you do. Yessssss because you’re working so damn hard every damn day!! It’s about time you get the respect and recognition you deserve.



– It gets you paid sooner because people now believe you are indeed an expert (because the media says so). Like a client once said to me “before PR, I had to convince people that I was worthy, now the money question happens first and there are no negotiations of price, they pay me what I ask”



– It gets you more publicity, because everyone will want a piece of you and be associated with you all the time (thus causing a ripple effect of everything above).


…………..Best of all, the media is free to use!!!

Now before you get all up in arms, let me just say that you don’t need to be making five, six and seven figures in your business and don’t think you need to be ‘Kardashian rich’ or ‘Elon Musk’ famous to get the press to take notice…..you just need to be yourself, tell your story and motivate their audience, most of all, you’ll need a plan of action to help turn that fame into fortune.


Lucky for you I have just the thing to help and it’s absolutely free.

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