Serious question….what have you gotten done since 2022 began?

I mean you started the year with all those plans, so how about we start celebrating the things we got done (instead of giving major side eye to our to do list).



For the first quarter of 2022 I’ve:


 – Been featured in Forbes again (that’s twice now….thank you very much). They asked me to give my professional opinion on the whole Will Smith, Chris Rock fiasco. Check it out here;


 – Given six lovely women CEOs a taste of global exposure by getting them featured in international publications. Many of them were interviewed multiple times in different media;


 – Made my one of a kind FREE Media Masterclass, Unleashing the Power of Publicity ON DEMAND so you can sign up to get instant access to all tools you need to help you show up. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to click here soon before it goes away again;


 – Created and launched the Five Day Dare to Be Seen Challenge, which I also plan on making ‘On DEMAND’ so stay tuned for that; 


 – Mentored another co-hort of amazing up and coming women entrepreneurs through the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs program hosted by the US Embassy here in Trinidad & Tobago;


 – Gotten approval by yet another institution here in Trinidad and Tobago to teach students the fine art of media, publicity, public relations and crisis management;


 – Booked my first international speaking gig for 2022. For details on this stay glued to social media;


 – Started discussions on developing my book; 



Oh and I can’t forget never stopped being in mommy mode, particularly when online schooling is still a thing here.



Alright, your turn:

Hit reply and let me know your #1 accomplishment from the last three months.

I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines!