Let me share a not so secret, secret with you…….sometimes we’re so incredibly blessed we don’t even realize it. We automatically think that everyone knows what we know because to us, it’s just so simple. I mean if it’s that easy for us then it must be easy for everyone else right?……WRONG!!


Listen, you have to understand and appreciate that you have been blessed with a unique gift that people will gladly open their minds and wallets to receive. It’s true!


Let me share this story with you (‘cause you know I love stories):

A few years back I was part of a mastermind and while minding my business, someone from the group reached out to me saying that she needed me and what I had to offer. I was taken aback and actually told her that I couldn’t help, but in business, sometimes people believe in you more than you believe in yourself. In this case, this person was adamant, relentless even and insisting that only I could take their business where it needed to go 


Might I add that she was ready and willing  to pay me for this help?

Who am I to say no?


I took her under my wing and I taught her everything she needed to know about getting featured in the press. I walked her through the steps on how to pitch to the media and the best ways to follow up to ensure they took her seriously. I even went further and shared with her some ways she can leverage her interviews to gain more visibility because we women looooveee to over deliver (but that’s a whole other blog).


 In just a few weeks she landed some major interviews. 


It was at that time it dawned on me  that not only was I great at helping her, I was a fabulous teacher as well!!  I thought ‘Why don’t I do this on a larger scale? I’d be helping more entrepreneurs understand how to put themselves out there more plus I’d be making some extra $$!!’


Even though I wasn’t fully convinced that I could because: self doubt, imposter syndrome and all that jazz, I moved through that fear and reached out to a few higher level educational institutions here in Trinidad & Tobago. They loved me instantly and could not wait to add me to their curriculum to teach their students the fine art of media relations and publicity.


It’s been a few years but every cohort of students always tell me how great I am as a lecturer: not only do I keep them engaged and entertained, my usage of real life examples helps them understand how publicity and public relations can be implemented into their business. Honestly, I must say, it has been a pleasure watching these entrepreneurs grow…..not to mention it’s the one thing I’ve done that keeps the cash rolling in.


So my advice to you: Teach!

You’re already posting tips and strategies on social media, why not take that, convert it into a lesson plan and host a paid workshop or mastermind? Or do what I did and reach out to an institution and have them include you in their curriculum. You’ll definitely get in front of more people and get paid just for being you.


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