So a few weeks ago I did a blog which focused on the four simple investments you need to build a business (read up here) but today I want to dig a bit deeper into realm of Intellectual investment and why it’s a non negotiable venture in your business.

You want people to buy from you. You want increase revenue and serve your ideal customers……..but you’re not willing to spend.


You have no idea how to promote yourself effectively but you will not invest in a Marketer
You have no idea how to use social media, but you will not invest in a Social Media Manager
You have no idea how to prioritize and manage your tasks but you will not invest in a Coach
You have no idea how to manage your money, but you will not invest in an Accountant


Now I know the above sounds harsh but investing in yourself is one of the most crucial things you can do for you and your business, reason being is simple………you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, so you’re not growing. Your movements are the equivalent to a dog chasing its tail with the same dizzying effects.


The thing is you are your business’ most valuable asset.

Think about it, without you, your business will not exist……….and if you don’t invest in you, why should anyone else?


Now when you’re starting out, money may be a factor, therefore you may need to invest time and energy into building your brand. Some activities might include:

  • Taking up free offers and online videos and putting what you’ve learned into action
  • Reading books that help you in business, finance, marketing or any area you may be struggling with
  • Networking both online and offline with likeminded persons who will keep you on the right path
  • Collaborating or entering into a contra agreement with persons to build yourself


But it’s only for so long that you can be enrolled in what my mentor calls “Freebie University”. At some point you will need to elevate yourself and your business and the only way to do that in to invest money.

Money into advertising, money into learning, money into hiring who you need…….just money!!

You have to be willing to spend for people to spend with you


Starting out though, it might be a bit difficult in accumulating those funds but once there’s a will there’s a way. You can:

  • Sell something that is trendy that will be a quick sale

What you are offering may not necessarily be what your primary business is about, but it can help you bring in some of that much needed money to reinvest into your dream.

So think about it, what special skill do you have that you can use that can help you make some money? Can you bake a cake, cook or sew? Use your skill and capitalize on the season to make money


  • Sell a big ticket item

Do you have a piece of equipment or a piece of furniture you are no longer using? Sell it and make some quick cash


  • Get an investor or take a small business loan

Look for an investor who you can sell your dream to with the promises of financial gain. Use that money wisely build your dream


  • Have a garage sale

Get rid of old stuff that you’re not using anymore and make some money in the process

Money is energy and the more you put out, the more will come back to you. To make the money you want, you need to be willing to spend. If you are not prepared to do that, then you have no business being in business.

You are your greatest asset, and if you don’t think you’re worthy enough to invest in, no one will either


It’s time to

Stop wasting time
Stop making excuses
Stop being lazy & laid back
Stop the ‘small island’ mentality


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It’s time invest in yourself and your future!!!!!!