If it’s one thing I hear all the time from entrepreneurs is how many people ‘like’ their business pages or posts.

Most times they’re unhappy with the low numbers and this leads to frustration and depression reason being that many people tie their self worth and that of their business to this phenomenon that they just cannot control.

First things first, if you’re new to business, it takes time to get noticed. Being consistent on your page as well as in various groups aligned with your business will help. Consistency does not mean simply posting what you have for sale or letting people know you exist only by what you have in stock, it means sharing pieces of yourself. Talk about your journey and how you came to be the business exec you are, share your knowledge and offer hope and inspiration to others. You would not believe how that connection is all it takes to get people to know, like and trust you.

Fact is not one cares about you or what you do. They only care until you MAKE them care.

Giving valuable information and quickly rising through the ranks as the ‘go to’ person in your industry happens over time. Before you know it people will be tagging you and referring you to others without you even having to lift a finger.

Next step is promoting your brand and by that I mean investing in some paid online advertising. You’ve already impressed the people closest to you, so you need to bring more people into your awesomeness!! Choose your demographic carefully based on the people you would like to target. Look at various locations as well and not just locally (of course this is depending on your product or service). Get yourself out there, and let people know how you can help them!


Post your lead magnet or some special offer to draw them in. Create an irresistible offer that they would be crazy to pass up and get them to see you as their partner and not just another sale.

Lastly, get off of social media!! Yes, I know that might sound blasphemous to some of you but hear me out. The fact is no one is strolling though the internet and will just happen upon your page, you have to find a way to drive them to it. Think traditional media, networking, word of mouth, direct marketing campaign. You need some way to get people to you. Maybe collaborating with persons who you share the same target with. That way you will gain popularity by association.

Likes, comments and shares are earned over time, but it’s not the most important thing. What’s necessary is turning followers and fans into sales.

What you need is CASH!!!

So fear not if you think you are ‘unliked’. Don’t compare yourself to others who you think might be doing better than you ’cause I guarantee you there are a lot of people out there with thousands of likes and not making half as much money that you think they are.

Just remember: Quality over Quantity every single time

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