Can someone tell me when the word ‘engagement’ became synonymous with social media?

I swear I only hear people talking about how much engagement they have (or don’t have) on social media and to be honest it’s driving me bonkers!!!

Well in order to get engageMENT, you need to be engagING, but that’s a whole other topic. Who I’m referring to today are the business owners who want to enter into long term relationships without first knowing if engagement is even right for them.

Ok, let’s do a little recap shall we………I remember when the word engagement meant that you were engaged to be married. In order to be engaged you would have needed to meet someone special, have a few dates and decide that this is the person you would love to spend the rest of your life with. Then after they proposed, and you became engaged, you would enter into the lifelong commitment of marriage……but, if you got engaged to the wrong person it can result in lifetime of stress.

Now let’s put this analogy in terms of your business ……….why are so many business owners so eager to get engagement on social media when social media does not want to even be in a relationship with them?

I see it all the time, so many entrepreneurs who have no place being on social media but there they are fighting for this relationship and frustrated because they have not had any ‘engagement’.  No need to go for couple’s therapy for this one people;  just let it go……it’s not working for you, social media doesn’t love you the way you should be loved.

As the older generation says ‘there’s plenty of fish in the sea’ and they’re not wrong.

Here are some ways you can get engagement outside of social media so you can break up with that bastard once and for all!!


#1. GOODWILL EFFORTS: Heeeyyyyyy now here’s a great way to get your ideal clients to notice you. How about get affiliated with a charity that’s near and dear to the heart of your ideal customer? You can donate your product or services or even your time and trust me the right people will be talking ABOUT you in no time. Pretty soon the word will spread and you’ll be getting calls in no time…….and voila! Engagement!!


#2. INTERVIEWS: Whether it’s on a podcast, radio, television or press getting some offline love can work wonders for your business and showcase your knowledge and talent to the public that’s eager to hear from you. People who are tuned in will hear how utterly fabulous you are and will want to work with you ASAP! Remember to leave a way that they can contact you, or depending on the media of choice, have a live Q&A. Whichever you chose, it’s going to generate mass engagement for your business.


#3. FACE TO FACE: One thing that social media did was hide your pretty face behind a screen, so why not go out and show it off? Attend a networking event or better yet sample your product to the waiting public. Let them know who you are, what you do and get a feel for your product or service. That’s instant engagement.


#4. HOST AN EVENT: Yes indeed, there’s nothing like being the center of attention! Why not consider hosting an event that brings your people to you? That way you can dazzle the crowd with what you know and meet people who are more than willing and able to enter into a long term working relationship with you. Guess what, that’s engagement!


#5. SPEAK AT AN EVENT: Similar to above, however with this option you can collaborate with other likeminded individuals who have a ready made audience that you can impress. Show off what you know and make the crowd fall in love with you, they will be clamoring to talk to you by the time you step off the stage. Clamoring = Engagement .


So you see…… don’t always have to stress yourself over social media. You’re too good for him anyways!! I want you to find the right way to get engaged cause, as I said before, forcing engagement on the wrong person will cause you stress…….and we don’t want that.

Did you like my little analogy? Let me know in the comments if you at least laughed a bit ‘cause I can certainly tell you I enjoyed writing this piece.

And fear not, I’m here to walk you through this!  The Marketing Doctor is in!!

Book your free one on one session and let me help you  change your business’ relationship status from ‘It’s complicated’ to ‘happily engaged’ in no time.

Can’t wait to hear from you.