Guess what??

We are officially in the last quarter of 2018!!

Can you freakin’ imagine??? Was it just me or did the time fly by really fast?

This is the time of the year that most businesses pull out all the stops because, like it or not, this is the period of conspicuous consumption; plus we’ve got a plethora of activities for the next three months, and depending on where you are in the world, you just might have more than one!!

There’s Oktoberfest, Halloween, Divali, Thanksgiving which leads into Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and, of course Christmas into New Years…and those are the ones I remember!!!

Now don’t panic! Remember everything you do is with your ideal client in mind, so not all of the above will relate to your business. As a matter of fact, whatever marketing tactics you do decide to employ, your customers should be at the forefront of every decision and will guide you on what media or promotional idea would be most appropriate.

But it still begs the question: What the hell does a business owner have to do to stand out from all the noise and stay relevant to their customers?

Oh please, you know I’ve got you! Here are four ways to help you do just that!!


#1: Use different forms of advertising

People are being bombarded with messages left, right and center, but this time of the year, it tends to be a lot more frequent and way more aggressive. Using different media will ensure they see and hear you numerous times over the next three months. Don’t forget you need to connect with the customer at least seven times in order to get them to move into action. Think about who your customers are and how they consume media during the week or even on weekends; then tailor your campaign to capture their attention at various times of the day using social media, press, radio, flyers, etc. Marketing hack:  Make sure your branding is on point, with all aspects of the campaign looking and sounding the same, that way you can be easily recognizable to your people.


# 2: Meet your people face to face through sampling or demonstrations.

As hectic as it might be for you the business owner at this time of the year, it’s equally hectic for consumers who are rushing from place to place to ensure things get done. Setting up a pop up shop at locations where your target will be, such as malls or department stores can be a fab-tastic way to ensure you remain in the public’s eye. This will not only strengthen your bond with existing customers but it’s a great way to entice new customers to know who you are and what you do by giving them the opportunity to ask questions and get instant feedback.


# 3: Move people into action.

People love to be in action, especially when there’s a reward at the end. Think about what your customers will appreciate as a gift and create a simple competition, where, in order to enter, customers must make a purchase;  once promoted effectively this will not only increase sales, but brand awareness as well. Before long, people will be talking non-stop about your business because they want to enter to win!!


#4: Find a way to give back.

No one can deny that at this time of the year people feel compelled to give, so finding a charity or foundation that is aligned with the business and is near and dear to the heart of your ideal customer, can help them see your brand in a different light. You can also implement a strategy to the public which states that for any purchases made, a certain portion will be donated, in this way your people can feel like they’re the ones giving back. Just remember, whenever the contribution is made, capture and use it in the press or even on social media to highlight the good deed you’ve done with the help of your customers.


Yep!! The next three months will be hectic, but I won’t let you go it alone!!

Let’s end this year on a high note shall we? I mean you’ve been working so hard for so long…….it’s time for all that hard work to pay off!!!

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Let me help you end 2018 right!