Recently on social media, I noticed my coach posted about ‘working the media being the best way for your brand to be seen’ and I chuckled to myself. Reason being is that I have been saying this for years!!! While social media has become a necessary component for many entrepreneurs to increase their reach, traditional media can be extremely supportive to your online approach to drive your message to the masses.

Much like social media, it is how you use the medium of choice that makes the difference between reaching hundreds versus reaching thousands of potential customers. Using more conventional form of advertising such as radio, television and press can help you business grow and while we are more technically advanced, do not discount the power and influence of traditional media.

My 13+ years in the field of advertising has taught me that there needs to be a healthy mix of both online and offline approaches to get your brand noticed, so here’s a little guide on how to make traditional media work for you.



Television may seem pricey however; you definitely need to be strategic with the use of this medium. Consider making the talk show circuit in your local stations if you are hosting a workshop or program that is beneficial to the community. Also, if you are involved in any community building or public relations  activities you can definitely contact the station for an interview, The media loves promoting people who are not only passionate about what they do, but also who are showcasing their gifts to help others. Using television gives you an outlet to let the masses know about you and what you do and is a great way to give your brand creditability.

Should you be interested in placing an ad, here’s a simple but effective tip I learned. Purchase blocks of advertising based on the type of program, this will save you from paying higher prices as you will have a customized package developed for you. The media usually launches a special line up of programs for seasons such as Christmas, Easter and even Summer Vacation; investing in a package that aligns with your target audience will ensure you have a captive audience thus giving you a wider reach at a reduced price. Keep your eyes open for special programming such as cooking shows, sporting programs or even cartoons as it relates to who you are trying to target.



One might think that this medium is losing the battle to social media, but, can still work effectively if used strategically. It is in your brand’s best interest to get very specific with the placement of your ads in special publications that are aligned with your target audience. Look at magazines or special sections of the press that are specific to the audience you are trying to reach and not only place advertising but negotiate for editorial space as well. This form of media is highly segmented therefore look for publications that are catered to Women, Men, Sports or even Business professionals and get directly in front of potential clients. Also look for seasonal publications such as Valentines, Weddings & Bridal or Christmas supplements that may be suitable for your brand. Typically these special publications are cheaper and can get you directly in front of your ideal client.

Also, like television, should you be hosting a workshop or involved in any public relations efforts, inviting the media to cover can be a great way to get publicity. If the press cannot attend the live event, they will be more than willing to publish pictures post event, which can still add credibility to your business and help you with future advertising.



This is my favorite as you get more reach and frequency because the messages are repeated over and over again to a listening public. It is crucial to choose a radio station that is aligned with your target audience; however, with so many stations out there market research will play an important role in identifying which will be a good fit for your business. The best way to use radio, however would be to invest in a sponsored segment.

Some stations may have segments that are already available to sponsor such as newscasts or entertainment news, however, they are also more than willing to create one with your target in mind which gives you creative freedom to offer important information that your target wants and that is associated with your business. This ensures that your brand is top of mind and linked to something valuable in the mind of the consumer. I would highly recommend, however that you are consistent with your branded segments, deciding on a particular day and time so that listeners can get used to hearing you. This is what I did when I created Carli Connect, marketing tips to help you step up and stand out in business which will be aired every Monday at 8:10am on the local station Heartbeat Radio for Woman. You can listen to the segment live here:

In addition, much like television and press, you can definitely use this medium for publicity where you can not only invite the media to cover an event you might be having, but you can also negotiate for airtime to promote your brand or any goodwill you may be embarking upon. (Pro tip: once you have newsworthy content, send a press release to the news room of the radio station and ask them to put it in rotation in their daily newscast and or entertainment newscast. It’s free publicity…shhhh you didn’t hear that from me!!)


So while you may think that traditional media is dead and has no place in your marketing campaign, I urge you to consider creative ways to utilize a healthy mix for your business.  An integrated approach to advertising is the best way to truly see the growth you want and using the above methods can drive traffic to your social media pages and, ultimately to a sale.

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