What is a rebel?

Well by definition a rebel is a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or leader.

So in short you have challenged the norm and you’ve broken free to carve your own way in life……..can I say that’s fan-freakin-tastic!?!

And why not, you’ve got the talent and expertise to move forward. So what’s really holding you back?

I get that entrepreneurial life can be hard sometimes. You may feel people just don’t get you or you think you’re on this journey by yourself, but I can assure you, nothing could be farthest from the truth. Even I have had my moments where I felt like just calling it quits.

The number one thing I hear from entrepreneurs that tend to hold them back from their greatness is fear and self doubt. You know those little voices that creep in from time to time and torment you.  I can assure you that feeling passes because, as the saying goes, you’re a “Rebel in a Mission”.

Now you might say, ‘who is this chick to tell me it will pass’, the truth is, I was there myself, numerous times. The one that sticks out most to me was back in 2016, when I literally almost lost it. I will never forget the time I called my then coach, bawling my eyes out  just about a week before my daughter’s 16th birthday which incidentally is about two week before Christmas in 2016. “I’M HAVING A MOMENT!” I cried as I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed

I knew I was doing everything right! Daily live streams, consistently posting on social media, sending out emails and making numerous follow up calls, but still I had inconsistent clients.

No one could deny that I was extremely busy but still the returns were wavering.

Then it struck me! My foundation was weak!
I was doing everything right – BUT FOR THE WRONG TARGET!!

I dusted myself off, took the rest of the year to plan my strategy and went back to my marketing roots and less than a year later I am working with dream clients pulling in high paying clients; then like an avalanche of good luck, I was getting numerous calls for interviews and to be featured in local and international publications. Clients were calling, I was getting referred left, right and centre and I created and sold my first online program, Crushing it with Carli Masterclass Series.


I share this story to tell you that it may seem bleak but if you refuse to give up then things will get better.

Easier said than done……I know.

But so worth it.

The thing is, you just need a bit of guidance on how to put yourself out there the right way to the right people. I know you have an idea of what you need to do, but to actually do it…….is a bit of a daunting task. The internal struggle is real; because you know you need to put yourself out there consistently, but it can be so friggin difficult to just get up and hit that live stream button or pick up the phone to make a call.



You’ve done all this work to become your own boss but that little hint of fear is wreaking havoc in your head and in your heart and causing you to miss out on some great opportunities and, even worse, costing you sales.

Well not on my watch!!!

If you didn’t know, I am a Warrior Princess: I consider myself an advocate for business owners and entrepreneurs who are introverts and truly need to put themselves out there the right way to the right people without losing themselves in the process.


I am not about to watch you throw all your hard work away. This is why you must attend my FREE webinar: Marketing for Introverts. The ultimate guide to help you step up and stand out in business on Thursday 22nd March, 2018. It’s designed to help you overcome your fear of putting yourself out there and build your brand one relationship at a time. In 60mins we go through six simple but actionable steps to help you truly become the leader I know you are!!! Plus as an added bonus all attendees will receive The Carli Commandments: 5 proven tips and tricks to get stay visible in a noisy world.

60mins is all you need to change your life. Think about it…..if I can do it, you can too.

I dug deep, put myself out there and I am living proof that it can happen for you as well.

The next steps are right in front of you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by just hitting that link above and signing up. If you really are a Rebel on a Mission, I will see you at my free webinar this Thursday. Don’t forget to bring along your business bestie, because no business man or woman will be left behind!!!


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