The one thing I’ve noticed with entrepreneurs is that we tend to approach everything as a project.

Let me give you an example: when it comes to self care we want to plan, organize and strategize. We think about how, when and how often we need to exercise, we start looking at gyms in our area or maybe start surfing YouTube for workout videos. We search our closet to see if we have clothes or shoes to begin and if not, make a list and plan a date and time to go purchase these items……..but self care can simply look like taking your multivitamin everyday…….the same multivitamin that has been staring at you every day from your medicine cabinet as you brush your teeth. It’s a simple, consistent action to start with that we somehow overlook.


Why do we do that to ourselves?
Why do we feel the need to overcomplicate things instead of taking the simplest and easiest way to our goal?


Now, don’t beat yourself up….WE ALL have been guilty of this (me included) and I think the answer lies in the fact that we just love to be in motion. It gives us a sense that we’re doing something, even if the underlying fact is that we’re actually doing nothing at all.

You see there is a fundamental difference between being in motion and getting into action. According to James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, “when you’re in motion you’re planning, strategizing and learning which are all good but they do not produce results. Action, on the other hand, is the type of activity that will deliver an outcome.” So, getting back to my example, looking for gyms and making lists, that’s all about motion but taking your vitamins (or idk…..ACTUALLY working out), that’s all action baby!!


What James (calling him by his first name ‘cause we’re friends now) calls being ‘in motion’, I call ‘stuck in strategy’ because it’s easy to get caught up in the high of feeling like something is happening. It’s almost like we feel like we’re making some sort of progress without running the risk of failing.


Think about, if you’re busy planning that awesome, multi tiered publicity campaign, you think you’re making movements but when you actually send out that pitch and it gets rejected….that has to hurt. So you stay ‘stuck in strategy’ where you can remain blissful and happy without that pesky reality setting in. The bad news is that when you’re planning you’re only PREPARING to get things done and that, my friend, is a form or procrastination….with just a dash of perfectionism and it’s holding you back and keeping you broke.


I want you to repeat: Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every single time!!!!
LOUDER!!!!! So you can hear yourself and jumpstart your mind and your spirit to move from planning to performing because while you’re sitting trying to get everything perfect, someone is

– Hitting the ‘go live’ button to tell a story
– Hitting the ‘post’ button on social media to give information
– Hitting the ‘record’ button to record that perfectly imperfect message
– Sending that proposal to get featured or for sponsorship
– Forwarding that proposal to make that sale
– Making a call to make a connection with a potential client.

Someone is getting seen and heard by someone that should be seeing and hearing you!!!


Listen: Marketing is Action; Action is Movement; Money is attracted to Movement
…..and you want to be making money, you’re in business after all.



So focus on taking action, not being in motion….put those reps in and see your business and your life transform. Here’s how:

1: Have one major goal in mind. Multi tasking is your enemy, get focused and decide what you really want.

2: Decide what you will do weekly/daily to achieve this goal. What will this look like and what actions need to be taken. Be sure to write this down somewhere where you can see it. Remember be realistic: you have responsibilities ( children, a spouse, commitments, etc). Integrate everything into your plan..

3: Get into action and make adjustments where necessary. Review your plan periodically to ensure you’re on the right track. Remember what gets measured gets results.

4: Ask a question for validation. Having the right coach/mentor will help guide you



If you need a bit more or the fear of messing up still has you paralyzed, then check out this video I did where I talk about how you can transform the look of failure so that it motivates and pushing you forward.

So, my advice for you hun is to plan but don’t over plan to the point where you get stuck
Shake it off and get into action.