Are you scared to show up? Putting yourself out there is never easy. 

For me, I hate getting ‘camera ready’…….the hair, the make-up, the lighting……just thinking about it makes me feel like staying in bed and watching true crime dramas all day. In reality, the only thing that’s keeping me from showing up……is me. So I’m not a fan of videos because I told myself that in order to do them I needed to look a certain way. That’s a lie. No one really cares how I look…..they’re happy to get the info so that they too can get the publicity they need for their business.


It’s the same with you…’re so focused on trying to be perfect and polished that you miss the real goal of showing up, which is to make genuine connections with your audience so they can know, like and trust you. 


Let’s be real here…..are you really interested in Carla Williams Johnson, CEO of Carli Communications? Or are you more interested in hearing about


– The crap that I’ve been told through the years and how I used that negativity to help me stay focused on my goal and build a global brand

– How I stay sane balancing my clients, my business and my babies (and family who think working from home means you’re available 27/7)

– The times I cried long tears because  I wanted to give up and what kept me going

– The epic mistakes I made, the money I lost and the clients I wished I never booked and how I recovered


I get it, showing up can feel like too much. It’s easier to just hide behind your laptop and post on social media all day. It’s easier to blend in, but understand that blending in is costing you money. Your potential clients are heading over to your competitors simply because they don’t know you exist. 


You know who I’m talking about: 

Mediocre Mandy who ain’t nothing because she never goes above and beyond for her clients like you

Lyin’ through her teeth Lucy who tells her clients one thing but sells them something else

Waste of time Wendy who is really great at marketing but her products are crap


My point is waiting to ‘feel ready’ is what’s holding you back. You need to show up, even if you don’t feel like it, as a matter of fact the days you don’t feel like doing anything are the days you  need to get out there. So here’s how to get started


  1. Remember that people don’t buy products or services, they buy the solution you provide and the confidence you show when you’re telling them you’re the one for them
  2. Many persons struggle with consistency and this interferes with their confidence.  Inconsistency shakes to the core, tricking them into thinking they have to start over. Don’t fall for it. Be as consistent as possible, but if life happens then get right back at it. Don’t beat yourself up or procrastinate too much Just get going 
  3. Use your stories to really connect with your audience. Don’t tell stories for ‘stories sake’, but use it in  and turn it into a memorable, marketable and monetizable offer.


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Why on demand? Because I don’t want you to wait and miss out on ANYTHING! 


How many times have you signed up for something and missed the start date? 

How many times have you promised yourself you’ll catch up or watch a replay and that day never comes?


No more waiting around….you get going as soon as you sign up. 

I’ll tell you how to show up, who to show up to and what to say to make you feel more confident with showcasing your brand. Let me just say that you need this in your life to jumpstart your business. Stop working so damn hard and take the easier route to success. Sign up now. (Ends June 30th)