Listen……can I just say that I have never, in my life ever heard a man have to choose between his career and his kids. Business or babies is not a men’s issue.


I have never heard anyone ask a man ‘so how do you do it all, running a business and a household?’ but somehow a woman is expected to juggle everything….God forbid she hires help like a nanny or a chef to keep things running, then she’s ridiculed by some, berated by others  and in some extreme cases, ostracized from woman/motherhood….what’s worse in most of these cases that negativity comes from other women.



Why is it that we are expected to do it all and keep it together?


I remember when I had my son, people were up in arms when I took him to daycare because ‘I worked from home’……..those same people were crying real tears during lockdown when they had to work from home while also homeschooling their kids.

We live in a world where sometimes the people who we think are supposed to understand us are the ones who are against us.

 – How dare we not work ourselves to the bone with a smile on our face. Somehow we’re not really doing our womanly duties if we’re not running ourselves ragged. 

-How dare we ask for help……we should consider death first before even considering hiring professionals to make our life easier.

-How dare we take a minute to ourselves… we even love our family?


It seems like we’re not allowed to live once we have children. I remember how Kylie jenner was raked over the coals after she had her baby because she went to a concert. Not a single negative thing was said about the baby’s father who, by the way, was at the same concert. There was even a backlash because a single woman hired a ‘nighttime doula’ to help care for her newborn.

Babies are a blessing……..but let’s be real if we want to run a successful business having your baby attached to you 100% of the time is an energy drainer and a distraction (a cute distraction but a distraction nonetheless)


It’s time we stop feeling like we have to choose and do what we need to do to make our lives easier and build the global businesses we need.


Women CAN have it all and we need the love, care and support of others, particularly our men.  Offer us a helping hand with kids and kitchen duties so we don’t feel like it’s all on us. Women shouldn’t have to delay or give up what we’ve been working our ass off to achieve because of babies when we can simply get the help we need.


I know some guys out there are truly stepping up. They are the true men who aren’t subscribing to the antiquated way of thinking and are shouldering some of the burden. 


So this Father’s Day, I want to salute you.

You have no idea how much we appreciate you.

Thank you so much for listening to us when we feel frustrated and alone, working with us to ensure everything gets done and giving us space to do our thing. You don’t mind sharing or even giving us the spotlight because you’re not intimidated…..and we love you for it.


Happy Father’s Day