Wouldn’t be awesome to sell a product or service BEFORE you put all your time and energy into creating it?

I mean you did all the ground work, you have an awesome idea and you know that there is a need for it……….but will it actually sell?

What if I told you that there was a way to pre sell your stuff…….you know, put it out there on the market, gauge the demand and then decide if it still makes sense to go into production.

Well your friendly neighborhood marketer will show you how to do just that in just six easy steps.

Let’s go!!


STEP 1: Figure out how many you would like to sell.

Seems simple enough right? Figure how many you would need at a particular price point in order to make the profit you desire. Remember to factor in the time, materials and other costs that you might incur during the creation process. You need to ensure that your projections are realistic…….remember those SMART goals? Consider how many persons you have on your mailing list or in your social media tribe, will you be able to meet your goal or will you have to do some promotions and bring in more people. Remember only about 2%-3% of persons on your mailing list actually converts to sales (don’t panic, this is actually considered successful) so how many people would you need to get in front of in order to meet your target.


STEP 2: Create a freebie offer

You know that people love freebies and what better way to get them to sign up for your list than to offer something you know they want in exchange for their name and email address. Determine how your target would like to consume. Read up on how to create an irresistible freebie offer . Ensure that the freebie is linked to or can be used to supplement the end result of what you are trying to sell


STEP 3: Create a sales page

This is where the market research will help. What is it that your audience is struggling with and why would what you are selling assist? How will what you offer help them solve or get rid of whatever is plaguing them? These are the things you are going to address in your copy. Make sure your headline speaks directly to the struggle they have and bridge it to the solution you are offering. Include some testimonials of persons who have worked with you and showcase how it has transformed their lives. Also include a frequently asked question (FAQ’s) section to answer any lingering questions you think persons might have and a very powerful call to action.


STEP 4: Promote your freebie offer

Get out there and start promoting your offer through social media and your email list. You may want to join groups where your target may be and highlight what you are offering and encourage them to sign up. Get out there and really push yourself. You may want to invest in some advertising to reach a wider audience. Click here to find out about the different types of ways you can reach your target audience.


STEP 5: Do a pre selling event

Think live stream, webinar and other live events. Encourage persons to sign up for the event that will focus mainly on the solution you will be providing. Give tremendous value, do not hold back. This is your time to captivate your target with your knowledge and experience and position yourself as an expert at what you do. Consider offering a gift to persons who sign up to attend the webinar or live stream such as a pdf or workbook that is extremely simple and easy to consume but can help support what you will be talking about.


STEP 6: Give an incentive

Here is where you will offer a bonus or time sensitive offer to persons to purchase. Maybe you can offer a discount, a bonus course or book for persons who sign up by a specific time. Remember though that whatever you do offer as the bonus should complement and not compete with what you are ultimately selling. This final step will let you know if you should go ahead and create the product or service based on the feedback. If there isn’t a substantial demand, then it’s not worth your time.



It may seem like a lot but these six steps actually help you save time, (and your sanity).

No more wasting time on things that you are not sure about. This will help you only focus on the things that WILL actually sell.

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