Why should anyone buy from me? That’s the question I hear all the time. If you’re an infopreneurs. I’m pretty sure you’ve struggled with this notion.

You are knowledgeable and your many years of experience makes you a valuable resource to anyone who is willing to invest in you, but with so much of what you know on the internet, some of it for free…. what would make customers gravitate to you and pay you for what you know?

I found the answer to that question from my mentor, which I’m going to share with you right now. These five reasons will not only reassure you as to why you should demand big bucks for what you know but explain why people will have no choice but to pay you (……and only you) to provide them with it


Reason #1 – People want structure

Google, YouTube and other search engines make it so very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for but people don’t want the hassle of having to look for things and try to piece together what they need. They want the complete and total package handed to them in a way that they can consume so that they can get the results they are looking for. So even if what you may be offering is searchable for free, if you’re able to present it in a structure for your audience that will give them a favorable outcome then by all means they will pay for that.


Reason #2 – People want things in the right order

Similar to reason one, people will pay for information they believe is in the right order that shows them step by step how to achieve their desired results. This is where your expertise will come into play. You are a pro at what you do and based on that, you can give a step by step guide based on your knowledge and best practices in your chosen field. This will be extremely valuable to your clients. Instead of getting free information where they pick from various places, you have now given them all the information, in the right order so that they can achieve the results they want.


Reason #3 – People want to feel accountable

Searches are great but many persons, particularly who are interested in moving their business forward, would choose to be motivated by an actual human being. It gives them a sense of urgency and makes them believe that they are cared for (which they are because you are there to help them). So instead of being faced with a plethora of results from their search engines, here you are: someone that’s relatable and well within their reach to give them exactly what they need and help them along the way.


Reason #4 – People aren’t sure what they need

They may have searched for various things, but they’re not quite sure what they are looking for. So while they may have done a few searches, they probably have not have gotten what they needed, however, if you’ve done a good job of putting yourself out there with valuable information on a consistent basis, people will not only notice you but realize that you have exactly what they want…….and pay you for it.


Reason #5 – People want you

Granted there may be free stuff out there, it does not have your unique fingerprint on it. How you speak, your language, delivery and personality will be different. The way you communicate and your brand voice will allow you to attract the right persons and create fluency and influence over your audience leading them to choose your products and services not just over the free stuff but over all the other persons like you who sell the same thing.


While there will be some persons who will just be committed to freebie university, the fact is that the people who want real breakthroughs in their business will ultimately choose to pay you for what you know and the proof that you can give them exactly what they’re looking for.
Feel better?? I hope so!!

Now go out there and start making that money!!

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