My family will tell you: I live on Investigation Discovery because I love true crime….and one of things that fascinate me the most are ‘cults’. I never quite understood how someone could become so indoctrinated that they lose all ability to think for themselves…….until it happened to me.


Yes, I escaped from a real life, modern day cult!

No, I was not made to do anything criminal BUT I did willingly hand over more than $80k in two years until I snapped out of it and I realized the utter nonsense I’d gotten myself into and, with a few others, I made a break for it.


I know you’re probably thinking that I must be joking but let me tell you, in business there are so many cults out there. These ‘so called gurus’ use your lack of knowledge and lack of belief in yourself to create an atmosphere where they feed you what you want to hear as long as you keep paying them, then, you look back and realize that you’ve wasted all this time and money and have absolutely nothing to show for it. 


What do all cults have in common? A charismatic ruler who demands unwavering devotion and promises some sort of reward for their congregation’s unquestioning faith. The thing is, you don’t see it. They come to you with the offer to help you and speak so well that you feel like they understand you, your situation and your innermost desire to be great…..then they ensnare you!


They’re very good, I’ll give them that.. They’ll go to fancy restaurants, buy expensive clothes and take trips to exotic locations and dangle this lifestyle in front of your face so you too can ‘live like them’……not now…..but soon……if you keep giving them money.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about living ‘the good life’. People who know me know I love the Kardashians and I aspire to be Kim K rich one day. So understand, I’m not talking about the coaches who live this life and give you the tools you need to do the same because you’ve invested in them, I’m talking about the ones who are in constant ‘show off’ mode and are using your investment to pad their lifestyle and grow their bank account while yours gets smaller and smaller.


So how do you know if you’re in a thriving community or a modern day cult? 


Let’s use my experience as an example, shall we?



First: Do they have a mantra? Be worried if they do. In the cult…I mean ‘community’ I was in there was a saying that you do whatever the leader said to do. It started off subtly then it grew to the point where we were repeating  it to each other. It was something we said without even thinking and it just became the norm. Looking back, I don’t know what the hell we were thinking. 



Second: Do you feel like you can speak freely? If not, then you might be in a cult. Ideas to make the community better might be welcomed but making suggestions on how things are run, or worse not agreeing with the ruler is a huge no-no. They never quite say it but it’s implied you DO NOT go against the cult…..I mean the community.



Third: Do they warn you against leaving? It’s most likely a cult. They’ll never outright say that you can’t leave but they’ll make it seem like leaving is to your detriment saying things like ‘others have left and they’re struggling now’ or ‘leave if you like but I guarantee you things won’t work out the way you’d like them too’. This reverse psychology definitely plays on you and will have you questioning yourself. Very cult-like behavior. 



Next: Are you to blame for everything? If you’re constantly shouldering the blame when things don’t go right then you might be in a cult. I’m not talking about if you just didn’t do what you were told to do, but if your failure or lack of execution is 100%  your fault but you didn’t get the tools or information then that is cult-ish my friend. I mean, it’s not the ruler’s fault that things weren’t explained to you; simply give them more money so they can keep telling you what to do without telling you how to do it. #cult



Lastly: Do they encourage you to keep spending so that you can finally get that reward (in your case success)? Well, my dear you are most definitely in a cult. Any investment you make should give you some returns and help you to grow from there but if you’re still literally at square one with less money in your account then you need to get out and GET OUT NOW!!!



I’ll add that with any cult there will be some that have been converted to the point that they can’t see the writing on the wall. I’m saying this because if you feel like it’s time to go, there will be someone who will try to convince you to stay or even stop being your friend because of your decision……it’s ok, you’ve got to do what’s best for you. 


Oh and before I forget,  if you want irrefutable proof that I escaped in the nick of time, I happened to attend a live event hosted by the same ruler (don’t ask me why I did) and, I kid you not, they stood at the podium and during the live training proclaimed “We are not a cult!” not once, not twice but three times, (I logged off after that so I am not sure if it was repeated), but the way I see it, if you have to say you’re not a cult, you probably are.



Listen, cults are everywhere and you’ve got to be careful. 

I hope this piece at least made you chuckle a bit and, most of all, helps you to be more cautious. I’d never want you to make the same expensive, time wasting mistake as I did. On a happier note, if you’re looking for a tribe of movers and shakers who are ready to make the necessary moves to build their business then why not join the CarliComm Community?  I can promise lots of information and even more hand holding as you make your way to greatness. 


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