This week we’re celebrating Laugh & Get Rich Day (February 8th to be exact).
I’m all about it because it’s literally a day dedicated to being happy and making money…who doesn’t love that?


I mean, when was the last time you laughed……like truly laughed?


We’re so busy crying, cussing and stressing ourselves to money when we should literally be laughing our ass all the way to the bank. Studies have shown that happy people are 13% more productive and I guarantee it’s something you can feel. Think about it, don’t you get more done when you’re in a good mood?


So take a moment to forget those clients who may be annoying you or that toddler who’s currently bawling their eyes out as you try to concentrate…….and just be happy that you’ve made it this far.


Laugh at your mistakes…they are lessons that you can share with others
Laugh at your situation…many people are dreaming to be where you are right now
Laugh at yourself…’cause you are an ordinary human doing the extraordinary on the daily.


Stop constantly focusing on the next thing on your ‘to do’ list or the next major business decision that needs to be made and just enjoy the process……and laugh

(Did you know that 5 minutes of laughter can burn as many as 50 calories so you’ll literally be laughing your way to a slimmer you)

It’s also been proven that people who are happy and laugh often tend to have less stress, lower blood pressure, and a better immune response… why aren’t you doing more of it?



So here’s how you’re going to celebrate, you’re going to get off that lonely train to stress-ville and

– Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more.

– Put on a comedy, scroll through social media and just laugh.

– Tell jokes and solicit jokes from friends or business besties to put you in the mood to think up of money making ventures; then you’re going to execute those ventures with a smile on your face.

– Watch the 1931 American comedy movie, Laugh and Get Rich starring Edna May Oliver and Hugh Herbert.


Then let’s get going…..I mean laughing!!!!