[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Honestly, there is no right answer, except ‘as much as you need to’!

You see, you already know that mixing PR into your existing marketing strategy can work wonders for your brand. You also know that using the media ensures more people know you and, most of all, trust you…….but depending on how you’d like to use press to your advantage would determine your dollar amount.


Let me explain:

Your decision on how much to invest will hinge on what you’re trying to achieve and how much money you’d need to budget to achieve that goal. The general rule of investing ten percent of your total annual income into marketing is a bit outdated in my view because while marketing campaigns may change depending on where you are in business and what products or services you’d like to promote, publicity is ongoing, and can focus on many areas including, launching as well as, you, your story, your values and everything you need to make that deeper connection with your audience. 


So, a PR campaign that focuses on helping launch a new product or promote an event would be vastly different (and may require more during a shorter period in time) from, let’s say, a visibility campaign where you’d like people to know about you and your company. 


I’d recommend taking one step back and really deciding first how you’d like to use publicity in your business. 


  • Are you trying to get your name out there? 

The focus is mainly on getting press designed on spreading your message and choosing media that are aligned with your values, your goals and and has a large cross section of your ideal audience. Many publications are free and would love to feature you to share your story. Best of all, media like this can be spread out, so maybe think about getting at least one feature a month to help remain top of mind.


  • Are you more focused on building your email list or increasing website traffic? 

Your choice of media would be slightly different as you will be more focused on finding an audience who would most likely sign up for what you have to offer. You’d also have to dig deeper into getting media that allows back links to your site. Some of these media opportunities may come with a cost attached so be prepared to invest.


  • Are you more interested in growing your social media engagement? 

Then any of the two above strategies can work (although having back links would be slightly better as you can increase your engagement AND drive persons elsewhere at the same time). However, backlink or no, once you get featured, sharing on social media will help your engagement soar as it tends to inspire and motivate your existing audience as well as bring new persons to you (when the media shares on their platform).


  • Are you launching or promoting an event? 

This one requires much more as you will need to find media that has shorter turnaround time. Media like this is available but it requires you to be a bit more aggressive with your follow ups so as not to miss an opportunity. You may also need to set aside a larger budget as many media may require payment ‘moving things around’ to accommodate you on such short notice.



If you’re trying one or even a mix of all the above, It is indeed possible to create a multi layered media campaign but it is an investment of your time and energy. If you’re not much for DIY-ing then having a publicist to help you may be the best course of action for you.


Speaking of which, I’d love the opportunity to assist. Plus, when we work together there is an extra layer of hand-holding where I help guide you on what to do, what to say and how to leverage all that press to build popularity and profitability for your business. 


(Added bonus: You get to tell people you have a publicist which makes you sound important….. Not to mention it’s fun to say)


I’d love the opportunity two work together with you, find out more and get in touch here:  https://www.carlimedia.com/oldsite20/publicist[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]