It’s a new year hun……and I absolutely know that you’re absolutely dying to get seen, heard AND paid this year!!

You’re all about making sure you get those coins because you know for damn sure you’re great at what you do……ain’t nobody better! So instead of thinking of all the ways you can try to win over social media (algorithms and all) , how about you consider speaking this year.


As a speaker you can wow people with your knowledge and experience and it definitely helps position you as a leader or innovator in your field because as you build your own reputation as a leader your business automatically grows……and as an added bonus not only would new clients be attracted to you, the media will take notice creating even more buzz.


I can see it now….you, headlining a major event……AND GETTING PAID TOP DOLLAR FOR IT!!

So if this sounds like something on your 2022 ‘to do’ list, here are some quick tips to help you get started



– Start small. You just might have to do a few unpaid gigs at first to build yourself up, so look for events where your audience is in attendance. This can range from in person community based events to online seminars. Keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities.
– Create videos of yourself because event organizers will want to know if you’re comfortable being on camera, particularly if it’s a virtual event. Videos give them a sneak peek of your personality so they can see you’re a good fit.

– Create a dedicated speaker one sheet for speaking events, including a description of what you are an expert in, some portraits and photos from previous speaking events, video material, testimonials and a bio (Never done an event? no worries…..start where you are)

– Tap into your online communities on social media to create some buzz. You never know who might be watching and falling in love with who you are and what you do.

– Be specific and as targeted as possible. Make sure that for any event that catches your eye, that the audience is the right fit and will find your talk relevant. This is especially useful if you talk about something ultra specific like tech or medicine….the right audience will love you for it.

– Build relationships with event organizers and planners……this will increase the chance of your name popping up.

– Be sure to research any event you may be interested in, their audience and any previous speakers beforehand. Once you know what you’re up against, you can plan your piece accordingly.

– Practice, practice, practice. Don’t leave this up to chance. It’s ok to have your personality shine through but be sure that your audience gets the real ‘meat’ of your talk and are left feeling informed and inspired.



So let’s say you found the perfect event and they are more than willing to have you speak and pay you too, here are some ways to get the most out of it


– Encourage social sharing after the event. Encourage attendees to share their major takeaways and tag you online. Be sure to engage with those who do share.
– Make sure whatever you’re speaking about fits in with the rest of your messaging and brand strategy. We’ve got to stay on point and focused.
– Make yourself visible after speaking at an event, so new contacts can approach you. In a virtual setting, this may just look like sticking around and engaging with others via chat.
– Make it super easy to follow up with you afterwards. At live events that can look like passing out business cards, at a virtual event it can simply be sharing your website and social media links or asking them to sign up in an mailing list to get additional info.
– Use your talk to make more resources. Get creative and leverage your speaking gigs into webinars, workshops, transcripts, social media posts– there are many ways to ensure that what you talk about doesn’t fall flat. That way it can keep going, long after the event.


Listen, the best and easiest way you can get others to take notice is to just show up and how fabulous would it be for you to get paid for telling people what you know? Seriously, it’s that easy, and I know you can do it


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See you soon!!