Working from home can seem like a dream to many. The longest commute is literally from your bed to your laptop and while we love our family, working from home can be a not so pleasant experience.

Let’s take my family for instance:

  • My mom, ‘The Boomer’, who really has no concept of what ‘working from home’ entails. To her, I’m here and I’m available for anything she needs; from taking her to run her errands or listening to a never ending story about someone or something I have no idea about;
  • My daughter, who I would think would completely understand the value of not breaking concentration………but no, she barges into my office, many times unannounced to tell me whatever is on her mind;
  • Then, my son……he’s 4……I don’t think I need to explain.


Every family is different and although we love them, it could be incredibly difficult to work around them. 

You don’t feel like you’re in control and something that should take maybe an hour, takes you three hours or more because of these distractions.


I remember feeling miserable and, sadly, my income reflected this. I learned a long time ago that distractions were keeping me broke. As my mentor says “You see, when you allow yourself to be interrupted all throughout your workday, you pay a painfully high price. All those interruptions cost you millions of dollars, and countless hours you can never get back.”

When we get into the flow of things, we feel like we can conquer the world. Ideas start forming, we knock off item after item on our ‘to do’ list and we’re in our power zone………we can take on anything.



A recent study shows that every single time we get interrupted, we get knocked out of our ‘flow state’ and after each disruption, it takes you approximately 23-30 minutes to fully re-enter your flow. 

In other words, that “tiny little 3 second distraction” (an incoming text, a screaming four year old) is actually a 30 minute setback…….and those 30mins can add up when you have limited time to get stuff done.


So, what can you do?

Well you can move, or find a space outside of home……..but if that’s not in your budget, here are some things that can help:



Easier said than done but totally necessary. Work time is work time so say no and mean it. It may be hard especially if the other person is counting on you but it has to be done. I’ve told my mom we have to discuss beforehand if she needs me to help her with something so I can schedule it in. But unless the house is burning down, when I’m working please don’t disturb me.



Sometimes I keep it in another room altogether. That way I’m not tempted to reach for it to check messages or to scroll aimlessly on social media



Get them and get them now!!



You cannot do it alone. You need help. Get it and get more done. 


If you’re dealing with all of these distractions, understand you’re not the only one. Implement these four things and You’ll be amazed by how good it feels, how much you get done, and the massive amounts of money you’re able to generate…once you can bring your undivided attention to your work. 

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