You are well aware that the path you are on to finally become a leader in your industry is going to be a tough one. That’s why you’re here on this blog, am I right? 


You want to know exactly how to build a brand with staying power despite all that’s happening in the world and, ultimately you just want to make money doing what you love.


Want to know how hard it is? 


Here are some stats: (taken from 

More than 50 percent of small enterprises fail in the very first year, and more than 95 percent of small startups fail within the first five years (Convergehub, 2019). 

Now this statistic shouldn’t discourage you, in fact, it should do the opposite. By knowing why and how the majority of small businesses fail within their first year, you can plan a business strategy to overcome potential risks that might come your way.



Yeah, taking that first step into business is hard and staying is even harder. There are going to be times when you just CAN’T deal with the ups and downs of trying to make it. 


You’ll want cry, curse (or maybe both) your way through dealing with difficult clients

You’ll want to quit when things don’t go the way you want 


It’s gonna suck, so how do you make sure you don’t quit? 


It’s all about focusing on WHY you even got into business  in the first place. 

Everyone has their own reasons: Maybe you know that there is a real need for what you offer and you’re aware that there are persons who are suffering because they just haven’t met you yet or maybe it’s because you want to make money doing what you’re passionate about or maybe it’s your children and you want to leave a legacy they can be proud of….

Whatever your reasons, they have to be good and you HAVE to keep them in mind. So here’s the big question: What’s your WHY for wanting to be in business? What do you really want? What impact do you want to make on the world? We often think that just wanting the thing we want is good enough but if we are doing it for the wrong reasons or if those reasons aren’t motivating enough, it’s hard to keep the faith. 


Why do you do what you do? Here’s a quick activity for you. Find a post-it note or a sheet of paper and write down this phrase: 


I do what I do because __________________. Look back at it whenever you are feeling like you are totally overwhelmed by the process. 


Need a bit more help?

Here some additional ways to help you stay focused and inspired when the process gets really hard


Take more breaks: I am still learning to do this myself, but overdoing it does nothing for you or your business. Repeat the mantra “Self care is not Selfish” and take those breaks when you need to recharge your mind and body.


Find an accountability partner: Someone who can help you stay on track and, as we say in  Trinidad and Tobago, vent to. Someone who understands exactly what you going through because, let’s face it, your friends and family can be sympathetic but only another entrepreneur will know exactly what you’re dealing with so be sure to find someone who has you back and won’t let you give up.


Get a mentor: You’ll need someone to steer you in the right direction, who won’t just give you the keys but grab the steering wheel if you go off route (as many entrepreneurs do from time to time).  Having a mentor that knows the terrain and can expertly guide you to greatness is one of the best ways to help you stay on course. 


And I’d just like to put it out there… know I ALSO have your back during this really hard and overwhelming process. 


My framework will take you from second guessing yourself to moving confidently forward in your business. Support is also a HUGE contributing factor to being successful at business and we’ve got that too. If you want to stay focused and keep building to your big goal together, be sure to sign up for a free strategic marketing consultation and stay tuned to my social media pages for something extra special launching soon.