A couple months ago, I wrote a piece on ways you can promote a business using little to no budget at all. The techniques outlined included: Word of mouth advertising , Social Media, Blogging, Email marketing, Networking  and Collaboration were discussed and the benefits of each highlighted, however, there are other ways to utilize other forms of traditional media to promote your message.

Using more conventional form of advertising such as radio, television and press can truly aid in the growth of your business, and while we more technically advanced, discounting the power and influence of traditional media can result in stagnation in your business.

As I always say, it’s not what you use, but how you use it that makes the difference. Let me show you how easy it is to make media work in your favor.



I personally love radio advertising, particularly for small to medium sized businesses who are working with a relatively conservative budget. The reason is that you get more reach and frequency as the messages are repeated over and over again to a listening public. The idea is to choose a radio station that is aligned with your target audience and tap into their innermost desire. With many stations out there it may be a difficult choice and this is where market research will play a part in figuring out who the listener is and if this a good fit for your business. While working with the agencies, different radio techniques would be employed based on the target audience and the product. Usually spots would be centered during morning and evening drive and on weekends as these are key listening periods, however, for persons on a budget I always recommend sponsored feature.

With a feature you can create and brand an important bit of information that your target craves and link it to your business in the mind of the consumer. Let’s say for example you owned an accounting firm, how great would it be to have an important accounting or budgetary tip  branded by your company with a commercial? People will be instantly drawn to you to get more information. Or maybe you own a photography studio that specializes in family portraits, why not have  feature that’s focused on things that you can do as a family and to bring back that togetherness……….all sponsored by you called ‘Capture the moment’ (See what I did there?).  Branded features can run an average of once or twice per week and are usually accompanied with a commercial so you have nothing to lose.

Another segment that really works as well is sponsoring a block of time. With Carnival in the air, it might work in your favor to have a dedicated hour or half hour weekly where the announcers can promote your product, sale or services. Many companies such as KFC, Courts and Caribbean Bottlers all use this technique to remain relevant and to stay top of mind to the consumers.

I promise you, the cost of doing the above can be as minimal as TT$500 per week depending on the station of choice and the frequency of the branded features



Television can get a bit pricey, but you definitely need to be strategic with the use of this medium. Should you have an event it can be promoted on one of the morning programs, however it gets tricky when you need to advertise.

One of the tricks of the trade is to purchase by season. Christmas, Carnival, Easter, etc most of the televisions stations launch packages which include specific programs that they have purchased the rights to air. Taking a package that aligns with your target audience will be a worthwhile investment as it ensures a captive audience who will be viewing your program. Popular programs which air during the Carnival season for example are the International Soca Monarch, Calypso Fiesta and Chutney Soca Monach Finals. Knowing who your target is may assist you in deciphering which program to place your advertising on and will be much more cost effective that running spots in the news for example.

Another trick I learned years ago was specifying a time slot for your ad to air. By this I mean, the 7pm news is the most watched and therefore the most expensive program, however you can save a lot on your budget if you choose to place your spot in the last break of the last show before the news. Reason being is this: many persons who sit to watch the news will put on the television before it starts, this will ensure your ad will be seen at a reduced rate.

You see how easy it can be to slash your budget??



This form of advertising is losing the battle to social media, but, can still work effectively if used correctly. Many businesses feel that in order to stand out the ad must be full page and in color. While the color I agree with, the full page isn’t necessary.

Instead of placing you ads within the main paper, why not get really really specific with your placement. There are periodic supplements which your target will gravitate to and will be a lot more cost effective. Women’s Magazine, Home Décor, Building & Construction, Wedding Supplements, Business Magazine, Gift guides are all supplements which are in the press at various time during the month/year that might be a better fit for your  business and would not get lost in the clutter and, advertising in these supplements are usually much cheaper.

If there are none that are suitable, consider sections in the main paper. Try placing your ad in the sports section or, look for new additions. For example, during the carnival season the press usually includes a ‘fete page’ where they put together a collage of pictures of different parties, that may be something to consider and a small ad to the bottom will do the trick


The point is an integrated approach to advertising is the best way to truly see the growth you want. Using the above methods can even be used to drive traffic to your social media page and, ultimately to a sale.

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