I was chatting with a colleague recently about this phenomenon called ‘social media’.It seems as if people see social media as this larger than life presence to be conquered.

While it is a near necessity to be visible on the various social platforms, like any other media, it is just another way to connect with potential customers. The advantage that social media has over other traditional media such as radio, television or print, is that it allows for interaction and instant feedback on you and your business. While some may see this situation as ideal, it leaves others with an overwhelming sense of fear.

The key to mastering this, or any other form of media, lies in how you utilize it. There is really no need to fear or to spend hours and hours completely consumed by the different platforms, trying to keep up. The most important thing is to just get out there and take massive action. Too many persons tend to grasp at the illusion of perfection and, in so doing, do nothing at all or get burnt out trying to do everything. Imperfect action trumps perfect delay every time.

Free yourself from the burden and torment of social media in just four easy steps



I cannot stress this enough. It is imperative that a plan of action be in place before you embark on any social media campaign. Do not just tweet or post or pin whatever you like in a futile effort to stay visible. The reason for this is if you are not clear as to what you are offering or if you offer too many options, you will confuse your target and confused mind ALWAYS says NO!

A 90day plan is ideal for the success of your business. Have an end goal in mind and ask yourself what would it take to get there? How many clients would you like to have or how much profit you would like to make. Then, decide what needs to be done by the end of each month, then by the end of each week and then lastly daily in order to reach your goal. It helps tremendously things are written down and displayed on a calendar where you can see the plan in its entirety.



Be intentional and decide what you are going to do and how long you are going to do it. Bear in mind you are testing to see what works for you and what resonates with your target. The more you know what DOES NOT work, the more confident you will be implementing what does. Give yourself a timeframe to see if what you have implemented is giving you the results you want, if not, change it! Nothing is set in stone, and plans can change and be modified but the overall goal can remain the same.

If you are in a particular Facebook group and you realize after a month or so there is no interaction, no interest in you or what you offer, feel free to find another. If you have tried a particular platform and you are not getting the returns you desire, move on. Do not waste time on things and activities that do not grow your business as wasted time can never be recovered.



When you are consistent and persistent things will grow and customers will come. Have a plan of what you are going to say and speak to your customers in a language that they can understand. Knowing your target and what they are struggling with will enable you to really connect to them. Remember you are not selling a product but offering a solution to their problem (head to facebook.com/carlicommunications and take the Finding your Ideal Customer Four Day Challenge).  There may be times when you would get little to no comments but keep at it, you really never know who is watching and waiting.

Your aim is to be online daily on each platform, and while this may seem like a daunting task, there are sites such as Hootsuite and Buffer dedicated to helping you schedule your posts and manage your chosen platforms so you won’t be a social media slave.



Choose one or two of the top social media platforms that your target frequents and build a following. Having too many social media platforms can make you feel like tearing your hair out and, sadly, nothing will be done correctly. If you are on Facebook, do not only post on your business page but share on your personal page, join various groups and interact.

Get people to be as passionate about your business as you are. Your goal is to embark on a long term relationship building strategy that supports your business and builds your brand.  Do not just post what you are selling but give valuable information, inspire others and build credibility. Offer advice and showcase your talents as an expert in your field.


No need to let social media stress you out. I invite you to embrace this new innovation and utilize all that it has to offer to your advantage by fully and totally engaging with your target and finding out how you can be service.

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