One of the things that I absolutely love about being in business is my ability to help clients reach and surpass their financial goals. With the economic climate as it is, business owners and entrepreneurs must be very strategic with their advertising investments. That’s where I come in, by employing my strategic marketing framework (click here to read) to create a plan that’s uniquely them, guaranteed to get results.


Case in point, my client who recently admitted that since retaining my services her sales increased by a whopping 30% within a six-month period. As amazed as I was, I knew that our plan was sound and I’d love to share with you the specifics of how I was able to help her get such massive returns.


Here’s what we did first:  We identified her target audience determining what media would be suitable for each segment. This was important for us know so we don’t waste resources by promoting to a segment that’s not likely to hear or see our message. Due to the fact that she had existing contracts for electronic (radio), print and social media advertising, I was able to stream line this to suit the target. Through my research, I pinpointed the viewing and listening habits of her customers and was able to advise her on the ideal time to connect with her people all while focusing on  products suitable for each segment. The right products/services, specifically promoted to the right target at the time they’re most susceptible to receiving the message is just about the most perfect marketing storm you can imagine.  Best of all, we maintained her current advertising budget as we didn’t spend any additional funds just simply rearranged what she already had to make it work better and in her financial favor.


Secondly, we needed to decide on the ideal media mix removing anything that was not bringing any returns on her investment. We opted to get rid of  print advertising instead redirecting that time, money and energy to developing her online presence. We up-leveled her content strategy with relevant posts suited for her target audience as well as included different types such as blogs, videos, long and short story posts to name a few. Here’s the kicker; we did VERY LIMITED PAID ADVERTISING ON SOCIAL MEDIA; most were just organic growth which resulted in an 80% INCREASE in engagement for the same period. Also worth mentioning here is that word of mouth also increased as many customers stated that they were referred based on the great work that was done for someone they knew.


Finally, we  made up our minds to follow through consistently with this plan for a specific period ensuring we remained visible for the duration. We created systems to ensure we received testimonials and reviews that would help with showcasing the business in a positive light as well as build the credibility. Not to mention encourage feedback from the community to ensure we’re giving them the products and services they want. The research compiled to date has already allowed us to strategize for the year 2020.


So there you have it…..what do you think? Pretty simple huh?

It’s amazing how simple small steps can create such massive results and you too can have similar results by implementing these simple strategies into your business as well.  I’d love to show you how. Click to book your FREE, no obligation  Strategic Marketing Coaching calls where we focus exclusively on simple and effective ways to promote your business.  These simple tactics can be implemented straight away and are guaranteed to help you make the money you deserve.


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