I was chatting with a colleague a few days ago and we were both noticing show noisy social media is becoming. It seems everyone is trying to be your friend, you know sharing their story and selling their dream courses or programs all why showing you how fabulous their lives are, and how yours can be to…..all of which are targeted mainly to start ups

It got me thinking…….you know, me being a marketer and all….then it dawned on me: It’s simply so easy market to that specific segment.

The typical entrepreneur that’s new to business has very limited knowledge and are many times looking for a ‘quick fix’. They’re willing to believe anything, try anything to turn things around and bring in that money now. I mean think about it: a few motivational words and some seemingly relevant but baseless quotes and they’re hook!! (maybe that’s the reason there are so many persons turned coaches of late….but that’s a whole other story)

Now don’t get me wrong, we all were at that phase at one point and I know they are some extremely legitimate consultants out there but trust me, I’ve been fooled too. I was swept off my feet by persons who I believed were legit, only to be used for their own convenience. I believed the hype and was an advocate for some. referring them to others without hesitation all while being used by them to promote their business and their brand. They took my time, energy and money for things that only benefitted them……then……..I got wise…….I want you to be wise too.

It’s your job to invest YOUR time, money and energy into someone who is truly for you and not just telling you what you want to hear. Be cunning and decipher who is the real deal and who is just giving you fluff and figure out who wants to just take your money to pad their bank account and who is truly honest with you and advise you where to invest, even if it’s not with them

It’s hard work, you might get fooled but know when to cut your losses and move on. Don’t you dare drink the Kool-aid just because someone has been blessed with the ‘gift of gab’.

If all your ‘so called coach or consultant’ says is that You JUST have to stay positive  or You JUST have to adjust your mindset – RUN!!!!!! THEY ARE LYING TO YOU AND SETTING YOU UP TO FAIL!!!!

It takes more than just the power of the mind

  • It takes action
  • It takes strategic movements
  • It takes long nights and early mornings
  • It takes testing and retesting
  • It takes trying, failing and retrying again

It’s a long journey that will hurt and feel uncomfortable. You might laugh one day and cry another and other days you might question your own sanity. Get someone who will push you to greatness.

Don’t be fooled by beautifully wrapped pieces of crap!!

Cut through the noise and the clutter and find who is truly FOR you!

We’re heading into a new year, let’s leave that crap behind

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