There has been a lot of talk lately about entrepreneurs wanting to ‘go global’

These two words have been ringing in my ear for the last few months and everyone seems to want to jump on the global bandwagon.

Many of my colleagues have spoken at length about this in their respective communities urging their followers to think ‘outside the box’ in order to put themselves on the international playing field. I too have written posts on the subject, my most memorable being a gentleman and his colleagues clad in their best business suits, gleefully taking a ride on a merry go round. Like this individual, many business owners are blissfully unaware that they too are simply going in circles. Sadly, we know what happens if we spin for too long……..dizziness, disorientation and the sinking realization that we have not made the progress we had hoped.

Let’s take a look as those who are trapped on the merry go round shall we?


First indicator: People who insist on doing the same things over and over with no results

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Now, I am not saying these persons are crazy (I will NEVER say that), but I will say that they are continuously sabotaging  themselves particularly on social media. They refuse to include valuable information or even engage with their customers or in groups but instead opt to post only what they have for sale and continuously hide behind their computers. They refuse to include other ways of connecting such as blogs, videos or live streams and the very notion of meeting new people fills them with dread. They tend to get frustrated because they’ve gotten little to no sales and cannot understand why no one would buy, because they believe what they sell are just so fantastic. The problem is no one else does…….and the reason they don’t is because they do not know you.  If you want to attract an international crowd it is crucial that you forge real relationships in virtual world. Let people get to really know who you are and what you can do for them. If at this stage you insist on only posting on your wall what you have in stock  and refuse to even engage with customers then you, my friend, are going ‘just around the block’


Second indicator: People who do nothing and expect massive results

This is the other definition of crazy: Doing nothing and expecting results. This one truly baffles me. These entrepreneurs don’t interact, engage and may disappear for months at a time.  They spend much of their time talking about what they are going to do or what they should do but never actually take action.  It seems to me that they are stuck  in a perpetual state of confusion because they’re not quite clear on what they offer and who they would like to market to. As a result, they they do not invest in themselves or even take free advice to implement into their business as they are not quite sure what their goal is. Some are unable to  truly vocalize what do but they believe that through the power of magic, they will be discovered and make massive sales. If you fall into this category you need to seek the guidance of a qualified business and/or life coach to help you focus and adjust your mindset (click this link for assistance) because you’re definitely not going anywhere.


Third indicator: People who force themselves into a market that doesn’t want them

OMG!!! This is a huge one because it’s very easy to fall into this trap, especially if they’ve spent so much time building a rapport and pouring their heart and soul into trying to build an authentic relationship. It’s almost like when you get into a relationship with someone and it’s ‘not great’ but then you start thinking you already invested so much time and energy building this and the very thought of having to do it again fills you with dread so you settle instead of trying to find someone who is more compatible. You already know what you have so why venture into the unknown right? Now please, I am no relationship expert and please do not use this as an indication to leave your significant other but when it comes to business it’s an analogy that most people understand.

A  good relationship goes both ways, so if you are constantly pouring yourself into a tribe and not getting what you need then it’s time to find a new tribe.  No amount of  promotions, social media tagging,  emails, calls, group chats, videos or podcasts will make them buy if they do not want to pay for what you have. Some people are quite happy being enrolled in Freebie University as my mentor says, and will be ride or die UNTIL it’s time to pay.

This is a hard pill to swallow but you need to stop making excuses. If you’re serious about going global then it’s time to find new additions to your tribe. Nothing is wrong with nurturing who you have now but you need to people who will actually value you enough to pay for your gifts and talents.  It’s time expand your market and go global.


Forth indicator: People who are motivated by price

Similar to above, these entrepreneurs set prices ridiculously low hoping that it will bring in a massive sales. That almost NEVER works. People do not make decisions based on price but strictly on emotion. If you’ve done your job and convinced your followers that they need what you have then they will pay the price you set. I’ve seen entrepreneurs spend time and money revamping their look only to lower their prices in the hopes that the products will sell. I’ve seen entrepreneurs offer programs that are well below market value where almost no one attended. You are going in circles if you keep doing that!! Don’t cheapen the value of the product, but instead widen your scope and market internationally.

As we’re on the topic of price, remember take into consideration the costs of similar items on the international stage. If you want to be taken seriously do not undercharge. People pay for perceived quality, if the price seems to low they will think the value is low as well.


Fifth indicator: People who have not diversified or refuse to promo their offerings internationally

Remember I spoke about the definition of crazy? I think I want to add another because this one takes the cake. I cannot even state how simple this is but so many entrepreneurs are sitting on gold mines because they absolutely  refuse to diversify. Literally throwing money away because they are trying force themselves into a market that doesn’t want or appreciate what they have to offer and a simple shift can turn stressed into blessed overnight.

If you’re in the service industry, simply include an online offering that can appeal to an international market and promo the hell out of it.  Make is super easy for customers to purchase by setting up an online payment option.  If you’re selling products, think about how you can distribute and indicate that due to shipping, there may be delay with delivery.

It really is crazy to me that there are entrepreneurs who actually have  programs and products that can be marketing globally but refuse to do so. They do not boost posts, run ads or interact with international groups . Why add to  your frustration when there is a great big world out there?  A simple mind shift can turn your product and services into a money making machine if you would only be courageous enough truly market your business globally.


Too often we feel safe within our shores because it’s what we know (even if what we know stresses us out) but there are so many persons outside just dying for what we have. With the world becoming smaller and the internet connecting us, there is nothing preventing us from taking the leap and really putting ourselves out there.

It’s time to make some 180 degree movements. It’s time truly go global

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