I love blogging. I find it very relaxing and a great way to really showcase your knowledge and expertise to the public. Depending on your industry, you can definitely use your own personal experiences to drive home specific points, and, truly connect with your audience.

But writing a blog is more than just telling a story. It’s very important that you bridge the gap between what you do and now it can be beneficial to your readers.  If this crucial connection is not made, this can make readers feel like you really don’t get them which can cause them to seek knowledge elsewhere.


So here’s how to get the best out of your B.L.O.G


B – Be Yourself

Write from the heart and reveal your natural gifts. Show you are a leader in your field but don’t be too rigid or think you have to sound professional. Simply write how you would speak to a friend and inject your own personality into the mix. Use your experiences to really let people know that you get them and that you are here to help.


L – Love what you do

Do not approach blogging as a chore or something that you do because ‘you have to’. Trust me; it will come across in your writing. Instead, come from a place of service and enjoy the process. If you’re not a fan of writing, then consider video blogging (vlog) or utilize audio only in a podcast format. Loving the process will ensure you are consistently putting out great content that your target will love to consume and this is how you create fans, followers and paying clients.


O – Over deliver

Give as much value as possible. Make sure the information is so incredibly juicy that people will have no choice but to want to consume it. The content should encourage persons to comment, like, share or whatever call to action you include in your piece. Over delivery, however does not mean the piece should be long winded or boring, but make sure that the information is rich enough to show the reader that you are the one that can help them


G – Get Started

You need to get started in writing (or recording) and generating interest in your blog. Find a rhythm that suits you and maintain it. Whether is once a week or twice a month, ensure that you stick to it and promote yourself on the various social media platforms or via your email list.


So there you have the blogging truth.  I hope to see some of your blog pieces really soon.

If you found value in this, please let me know. Leave me a comment below and like and share with your business besties who are thinking about blogging in their business.

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