So in the last post we went through two of the four pillars for business success.

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We spoke at length about Branding which basically the entire essence of what the business stands for, and Marketing which is getting into the plan of action and the strategic approach to getting our business and our brand out there.

Now we are going to get into how we determine what tactics to use as we move into pillar #3


Advertising is what brings the people in. It gets your messages out to the right people at the right time on the right medium and encourages them to purchase. Advertising is how they get to know about you, your brand and what you’re selling. So after you have established your brand and determined your marketing strategy, you must

  1. Know the Media

With so many forms of traditional and non-traditional media out there, you must know which is best for your business and your brand. You must also be aware of the emergence of technology consider how these can be incorporated into our advertising campaign. An integrated approach to advertising works best, no one medium can work effectively by itself.

  1. Figure out Your Target

Again with the target audience! You must know who you are trying to reach, as this will demine which medium you use and where you place your advertising. You must also be aware of their viewing and listening habits so as to understand when will be the ideal time to reach them via a particular advertising medium

  1. Define your Budget

Investment into your campaign is a must and knowing how much you can spend will determine how you will reach your target and via which medium. Be realistic with yourself with the understanding that advertising must be consistent over a period of time in order to see any returns on your investment

  1. Produce Material

Now we have to prepare artwork, posts, flyers, radio ads, etc…….which brings me to pillar #4



So now it’s time to head into production because you have determined how you will get your message to your ideal customer. So all that’s left is to

  1. Watch your Language

When writing that social media post, press ad or radio script, use jargon your target will understand and will trigger them to buy. Your headlines must be catchy and speak directly to the problem you are solving for them and  always include an effective call to action

  1. Build your Team

Any successful business owner understands that you cannot do it alone. Invest human as well as technological resources to help you build your dream. You can only do so much. Outsource what you do not know and double down on what you do.

  1. Create a Culture

Know the feeling you want persons to have while doing business with you and live that. Remember what I said about the multibillion dollar brands? You can do the same by establishing and adhering to the guidelines you set for your business and ensuring you and your team live it every single day

  1. Stay Visible

Get out there! Be consistent and persistent in everything you do to see results


So there you have it, the four pillars for building a business. You too can have the same by understanding and incorporating these four elements in your business to make your brand stand the test of time and to keep the sales coming. Download the pdf of four pillars here:

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