I don’t know about you but I usually get my best ideas at 2:30am……you know when the body is relaxed and you’re ready to settle in for the night. It’s almost as if the flood gates open and all the creativity comes pouring out. Sometimes, I have no choice but to get up and write things out before I forget (kinda defeats the purpose of getting some rest doesn’t it? Oh well…welcome to my life).


So on this particular night my mind drifted into the New Year and all the possibilities that await, not only for me, but for all the business owners and entrepreneurs out there….. I must admit that I’m so inspired by the men and women who choose to put themselves out there every single day; The ones who have and continue to get creative with their ideas and their executions because they’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd; The ones who chose this roller coaster ride called entrepreneurship and as scary as the highs and lows might seem, it’s the thrill and the excitement that keeps them wanting more.


So it got me thinking at that hour in the morning, what’s the best way to tell people how much I care……you know, truly explain how I can help them succeed so than can live their dream life….not just for 2019 but forever.

A tough question that’s not so tough to answer when I use my business name to explain it all. This is what I came up with, because when we work together I can absolutely promise:


C – Clarity

I would say one of my amazing super powers is to make sure that you’re super clear on who you serve so that we can figure out the best ways to reach them. With so many ways to engage customers (not to mention the fraudsters out there who only care about making money), knowing who and where your people are, is the first step to successfully building your brand in a noisy and highly competitive market. I help you clear the fog so you can step forward into truly marketing your business with confidence.


A –Answers

So now that we’ve figured out the comings and goings of your people, now we have to reach them in a very strategic way; because more than knowing what media to use, understanding HOW to use them makes the world of difference. I solemnly swear to not have you waste time or energy on things that don’t work AND invest properly in the ones that do. If it’s answers to who, what, where, why, when and how then I’ve got you covered.


R –Results

Not just any results, but fab-tastic real world results. Sadly we don’t live in a fairy tale where things end happily ever after, the market can change for and even against us and I’m going to ensure you’re riding high in both seasons. I am not going to see you fail…….not on my watch.


L – Leadership

Being a leader in your industry is no small feat. It means that you’re top of mind for your people making you the ‘go to’ person in your field. Sticking with me will ensure that you are the first person people think about when they need your products and services.


I – Innovation

I pride myself on giving you innovative ideas to increase your income because at the end of the day we need to get creative to stand out from the noise BUT whatever we do must also translate to cold hard cash in your books. If making money is on your mind, then it’s my pleasure to help you reach that goal.


Well isn’t that something, not bad for an early morning idea right?

Honestly, I am here for my people because I understand that sometimes it may not be too clear which media is best for your business and with so many options (and limited resources), getting it right the first time would be an absolute dream come true.

So here’s the thing….. because I love you and think that you deserve the best, I want to offer you a free consultation where I can help you plan out a creative strategy for your business. This is the perfect time because with 2019 fast approaching, we need to get your business out there. Just click the link and I will be more than happy to chat with you.

Can’t wait