Keeping a business running smoothly can be daunting task.

I mean, literally everything depends on you, and one of those things is how you show up to your audience. Now I know what you’re going to say…..’I’ve been posting on social media all the time’; but hun, that ain’t enough.


Mastering those algorithms can be a task in itself, not to mention having to try to figure out what content to post on which platform. Spending hundreds of thousands of hours on mini pieces of artwork to make your IG feed pretty isn’t going to cut it. Clients today aren’t impressed with that and, quite frankly, they prefer to be courted before they part with their hard earned money.


Today’s customers need something more…….and that something is TRUST which is why using the media is so crucial. While your brand’s visibility will indeed skyrocket from the use of press, the one major thing you can count on is that your audience will trust you more and, be willing to pay you. But did you know that using the media can help you attract much MUCH more? Here are four additional ways publicity can help your business



Media will help you Stand Out  from your Competition 

The one thing I always say is that publicity puts you in front of your customers and ahead of your competition. While your peers are still creating pretty graphics or figuring out the ever-changing algorithms, you would be seen on television, heard on the radio or seen in the press, any of which will ensure that your customers notice you and hold you to high esteem.


Media will Enhance your Online presence 

Publicity 100% changes the way people view your business. Having that third party endorsement from a media source helps showcase your brand in a different light encouraging people to be attracted to you and your business sooner, quicker and faster. Having a publicist will ensure that you not only show up in the right places (but if they’re anything like me) ensure you have a plan of action to leverage that press to boost your visibility, credibility and bottom line.


Media will Help you Generate more Leads

It’s pretty easy to see how leads can  be generated once you get that third party endorsement from the media. It goes without saying that getting seen will automatically raise your profile and ensure that you stand out as a thought leader in your industry so you’ll not only show up to a whole new audience, this audience will be more willing to share information about you to their family, friends and colleagues 


Media will help you Attract Lucrative Investors 

Investors want to be aligned with companies they believe are doing well and will help them turn a profit. Showing up in the media will show them that you’re doing big things and they’ll be more than happy to invest in your dream. 


Quite frankly, getting publicity will help you become a money magnet. It’s that simple.

So, if you’re still on the fence about getting featured, I’ve got something that can help you show up and show the world how incredibly fabulous you really are!!