First of all let me say, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re doing incredible things……..but you’re also human. 


It’s ok to get side-tracked, off-track and make a mistake from time to time. It happens. Just recently I met with a client who was ready and raring to go and told me he would send my payment across right away but to please speak with his assistant immediately to get things in order so we don’t waste time.


He gave me his word that money would be in my account by the end of the next business day. I kept my word to speak with his assistant, he didn’t keep his. I felt stupid because here I am in business this long and I still started work without first collecting what’s mine. Thankfully I didn’t invest too much time but honestly, I still felt silly because I literally know better. I even wrote a blog long ago about the six types of people you’ll meet on your journey (He was #3)


You see, you’ve got to understand one thing about mistakes; they are inevitable once you’re making progress. You’ll undercharge clients, forget to pay an important bill, make a typo on the best piece of content you’ve ever created…….it will happen hun!!


The trick is to not beat yourself up over it. Don’t let it ruin your mood or break your stride. The best thing to do is to forgive yourself faster and try to not let it happen to you again. 


Some of the most  common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make are:

  1. Taking too long to walk away from a client, situation or collaboration that is no longer serving them
  2. Delaying their money because they refuse to truly show up 
  3. Not trusting their gut instincts and ignoring ‘red flags’ 
  4. Not investing in their greatest asset…..themselves

……..I can testify that I too have made ALL THESE MISTAKES, but guess what? I’ve learned my lesson and moved on. It’s never too late hun.


So if you’re wondering how to pull yourself out of any hole you’ve gotten yourself into, here are four things you do immediately ‘

 – Shake it off. It happens… if you need to, literally turn on this song and shake it off!

 – Correct the mistake with honesty and grace. No use pretending it didn’t happen and, for the love of God, don’t start making excuses. Admit what happened, own up to it and ask whomever you’ve wronged how you can make things right.  

 – Check in with yourself, your team or your partner to understand why this mistake happened in the first place. Are there things that could be put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again? 

 – Lastly, remember, mistakes are a byproduct of actually DOING something. If you aren’t making any mistakes, you’re probably not doing anything (and we CANNOT have that)



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