Hey you!

I hope you’re doing well and finding your own unique ways to navigate the ups and downs of life. Today, I’d like to share a little story about how I, like many of you, have found solace in the rhythms of Soca music.


Our recent “Empowering Through Purpose-Driven Platforms – 2nd Annual Carli Connect Masterclass” featured an inspiring keynote speech by Nalini Akal. She spoke about resilience, especially in the face of challenging times, and the need to shake off the heavy energies that can weigh us down.


You see, for many of us, this past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Women, in particular, have faced unique challenges, with fluctuations in hormones and increased stress levels. But we’ve remained resilient, just as the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago has throughout history.


Nalini touched on something truly special โ€“ the healing power of our cultural dance linked to somatic stress relief. โ€œThis connection between our music and our bodies is incredible. I have a dear friend, Sonia , who is pursuing her PhD in this very field, exploring how our dance, our Soca music, has helped us shake off the trauma, especially post-slavery and post-indentureship.โ€


It’s a testament to the power of our island and its people, always finding a way to shake it off, to find healing in the midst of adversity.


Now, when I feel those blues creeping in, I turn to Soca music. I turn up the volume, let the infectious rhythms take over, and shake off the stress and worries. It’s my way of recharging and finding the energy to keep going.


I encourage you to find your own rhythm, your own source of inspiration, and your own way to shake off whatever is holding you back. Our journey is unique, but we can all dance to the beat of our own Soca grooves.


Stay resilient, keep dancing, and let the music be your guide.