Put more time into what you do best.

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How long is the course?2022-07-11T14:05:23-04:00

Each online course in the Master Class Series is at least one hour of teaching via video on the specific topic with a corresponding workbook where applicable.

Am I Guaranteed results?2022-07-11T14:03:25-04:00

Your results are affected by your commitment and willingness put what you learned into action.


Are there any assignments exercises, test etc?2022-07-11T14:00:52-04:00

No, you go at your own pace and integrate what you’ve learned into the business.

How will It be delivered?2022-07-11T13:59:33-04:00

All-access information will be delivered straight into your inbox.

Why Choose Crushing It ?2022-07-11T13:58:32-04:00

Because it was specially developed for start-ups and entrepreneurs who need that little extra help in specific areas to help them grow their business. You simply choose the topic where you need to build upon ad then put what you’ve learned into action.

I’m really busy. Will I have time to do this?2022-07-06T16:28:54-04:00

You really do, because you go at your own pace and I reveal my tried and true time-saving shortcuts plus show you how to leverage your media hits to get the most out of each piece of publicity so you can use it over and over to get more subscribers, clients, and media features.

How will the modules be delivered?2022-07-06T16:27:54-04:00

Once you enroll, you’ll immediately receive access to the curriculum. The Media Masterclass is housed in an online portal that you will have access to when you enroll. Each module has video training, editable brand books,
and all of the bonuses are accessible forever.. So, you have the opportunity to do the programs at your own pace.

Will I really get published in 30days?2022-07-06T16:26:57-04:00

This is very possible once you enroll and follow the instructions in the modules within one week of access. Persons who attended the One Day Intensive, of which these modules were based on, were featured within two weeks so it is indeed possible.

WHO Is This Program Best For?2022-07-06T16:26:07-04:00

This suits business owners, executives and leaders seeking to cut through the clutter of the online space and build visibility and establish themselves as a leader within their industry.

Save money by learning to delegate tasks.

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