“There is no transformation in information, only in action

Carla Williams Johnson. The CEO’s Publicist

Serving your people is always worth the time.

When selecting a speaker you want someone who will help make your event stand out as

  • one that offers extreme value,
  • one that makes people want to come back year-­after-­year,
  • one that aligns with your brand, message, and community.

My goal as a speaker is to have your people rave about YOU and your brand as a result of inviting me to your event as a keynote or breakout speaker.

I’m Carla Williams Johnson, The CEO’s Publicist and I help CEOs get into the places and spaces that increase their visibility that help them hit those income goals they set for themselves and their business.

I’ve been asked to share my knowledge and experience with hundreds and thousands of people around the world in countries such as China, Australia, India, The United States of America, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and across the Caribbean.


  • Publicist of the Year 

  • Best Promotions Company

  • Courageous Marketing Leader  

  • #31 on the global list of PR Companies 

  • Top 100 Marketers to Follow 

Some of the topics that I specialize in:

  • Get Seen, Get Heard, and Get Paid Doing What You Love

  • Building a World Renowned Masterbrand

  • The Power of Leveraging Public Relations to Stand Out on a Global Stage

  • Social Media & Content Strategies that Work

  • Strategy & Implementation for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Become Popular and Profitable through Public Relations

  • Effective Crisis Management & Crisis Response Techniques for Businesses

  • Marketing & PR for the Introverted Entrepreneur

I can also customize a talk for your special event based on the desired theme. You just let me know and I’ll conjure up a message or keynote that will have your audiences talking and even better, acting on what they learn.

Places I’ve Spoken at

…and many other live events in a city (or online) near you.