Learn how to leverage the public relations to help your business succeed.

How you are seen tells a lot about you and your business. This course will help you

  • Figure out how to use the press to your advantage
  • Learn the art of putting yourself out there the right way
  • Determine the best way to handle bad press
  • Write an exceptional press release


Content is everything and is everywhere

Anything that you experienced can be converted into content. The trick is to tie the content or story into a message that drives home the point you are trying to make.This course will help you

  • Figure out the types of content that resonates with your target
  • How to tie content in with your strategy
  • The different ways to use content in your marketing campaigns


Need help figuring out how much is needed to create a successful campaign?
This course is for you and will help you

  • Learn how to create the right budget for your advertising campaign
  • Determine how much is enough for you get returns on investment
  • Figure out how to use the budget you have for the best returns


Traditional and nontraditional media is extremely important when planning your marketing strategy. You need a marriage of both online and offline approaches to give you the impact you want.
This course goes through

  • The importance of media in your campaigns
  • Hacks on how you can use media to your advantage
  • How media can be implemented into your marketing strategies


You’re starting a business, but you know you need to invest in order for it to be successful. This course will show you

  • Creative ways to raise capital
  • Types of investments you need to build your business
  • How to raise money quickly so you can reinvest


There are so many groups out there, but is this right for you? This course will answer that as well as show you how to

  • Create your own community on social media
  • Choose groups that are right for you and your brand
  • Use your own knowledge and personality to stand out online


Market research is crucial to the life of your business because it determines every single step you make. This course will show you

  • The easiest ways to conduct market research
  • The best way to gather and utilize the information once received
  • How to utilize this research in your marketing strategies


One of the best ways to build your business is to get sponsors to fund your dream. This course will show you

  • How to reach out to sponsors the right way
  • The elements of a sponsorship letter
  • Tips you can use to get sponsors to say ‘yes’


There are so many ways to get infront of your ideal customer and I will show you how. This course will

  • Tell you the best strategies to use to get your customers to take notice
  • Show you how to effectively use direct marketing to engage your target
  • Show you how to execute these strategies to get you noticed