Ideal Customer EBook

It really gets me when persons say that “everybody” is their target This is not only untrue but it downright impossible!!

Human beings are complex individuals; you need to know what segment of complex individuals you would like to serve

Stop wasting precious time on people who are never going to buy from you. The fact of the matter is that there are some people who:

Are unclear about what they need and are hell bent on wasting your time as you try to figure them out Lead you on in attempt to solicit free ‘advice’ from you all under the promise that they will purchase from you Know that you have exactly what they need but refuse to pay your prices and will try everything and anything to get a discount or  reduced rate

These are not your ideal customer!! They fool you into thinking they are but they are not!!

Do not get caught in trap. Invest in my book Finding your ideal client and find out exactly who you should be investing your time and effort on My new eBook will help you Figure out what you are truly selling
Discover who you are selling to Identify who is attracted to you and your brand Understand how to engage them

You are selling more than just a product or service – you are providing a solution There is someone out there who is in need of your unique combination of skills and only YOU have the answer to their problems Let me help you get into the minds of your customers and truly engage them

Do you want to be a ‘best brand’?
Do you want to find your ideal ‘fanatical group of customers’?

Then say Yes! And order your copy today