I love answering questions!

I tell people questions give me life, because it means that you are all fired up and ready to make a move.

That’s how a speaker should have their audience.
You want someone whose knowledge and experience can touch the very soul of the listeners and motivate them to take action.

I have spoken with secondary school students on the threshold of the working world, charity functions and entrepreneurial meet ups, my goal is to ensure that each and every event I am invited to is so epically fantastic that people will be talking, moving and shaking.

Having me as a keynote or breakout speaker at your event will guarantee that YOU and YOUR BRAND will be in the limelight.

Some of the topics that I specialize in:
• How to Find and Connect with your Ideal Customers
• Advertising & Marketing Strategies for the Modern Entrepreneur
• Social Media Strategies that Work
• Strategy & Implementation for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
• Real World Techniques for Real World Results

I can also customize based on desired theme. Just let me know and I’ll create a message that will have your audiences completely enthralled.
To book please send an email to: carla@carlimedia.com